Battersea Power Station by Maura Bright
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I was born and grew up quite close to Battersea Power Station and used to go for walks with my Dad by the river on Sundays when I was a small child. Usually I would put a message in a bottle and throw it into the Thames. I never received a reply. Last year I threw another bottle in on New Year's Eve standing on Chelsea Bridge with all the fairy lights on - another one of my favourite places in London. Nobody contacted me from that message either; it doesn't matter, it's just satisfying to think that something of me is bobbing away into the unknown. I don't know why I love the river and the Power Station so much; maybe the childhood memories have now become a feeling that is hard to describe but contains a sense of innocence, peace and nourishment.
Maura Bright September 2004
Created and designed December 30 2004 by Joakim Nordlander.
Picture used with permission from Maura Bright.