Battersea Power Station by Omar Alvarez
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I live in Bogota, Colombia, South America, and traveled to London last October to visit the city. On the planning of trip, I wondered what the Battersea Power Station was, made some surfing in Internet, and knew something about it from your site. I was delighted to discover the relation with Pink Floyd, but sorry about not being able to visit the place given its current situation. Being Civil Enginner myself, I wanted to know the biggest brick structure of the world.

So some day already in London, I left the Tate Gallery and started to walk northbound, then decided to stop to have a rest by a train bridge, and then turn my head and saw for the first time such a huge and wonderful thing... a moment I will not forget and I captured in the enclosed photo. Feel free to put in your Internet site if you like it.

Best regards,

Omar Alvarez

Created and designed July 8, 2002 by Joakim Nordlander. Picture used with permission from Omar Alvarez.