Personal Relation

I wouldn't really had cared much or even known about Battersea Power Station if it hadn't been for the pop group Pink Floyd.

It was my brother who got me hooked on Pink Floyd when he brought home a tape of "The Wall" some time in the early eighties. I was maybe 9 - 10 years old, and didn't of course understand much of the lyrics. English is, as you might see, isn't my native lanuage. I did however like the music and I did understand what the line "We don't need no education" meant.

My brother did eventually buy his first Pink Floyd album, it was either "The Dark Side of the Moon" or "Wish you were here", and I did of course listen to that one. He bought more albums and eventually he brought home this album with this funny looking building on the cover with a pig stuck between the smokestacks ("Animals"). I recall I didn't really couldn't believe that that building was real from the beginning - who would build a something like that with a chimney in each corner? I was probably not even 13-14 at that time and my knowledge about Pink Floyd was very sparse.

It wasn't until I got on the Internet in the fall of 1992 and found the mailing list Echoes that I really started to find out more about Pink Floyd and about Battersea Power Station. When I was in London in 1995 I went to see it myself (see here). It was an impressive sight with this enormous brick building on the other side of the Thames.

One thing is for sure - the next time I happen to be in London I will surely visit Battersea Power Station again.

Joakim Nordlander - February 22, 2002

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